senior thesis grant

Caption: 2009 graduate Viriginia Walker's senior project focused on costuming Alice in Wonderland in duct tape.  Pictured is her White Rabbit.

Thesis Grants

The SCHC will provide a maximum grant of $1,500 for students to purchase needed materials for their senior thesis/project. This $1,500 is included in the $4,500 limit of SCHC research funding (for example, if you have received $4,000, you have $500 left of research grant funding that may be available to you). This senior thesis grant is meant for extraordinary expenses and will not cover ordinary supplies for the senior thesis. Please note travel expenses will NOT be covered through this grant. Items purchased through a senior thesis/project grant becomes property of the Honors College, and we request that a student purchase items covered by the senior thesis/project grant through the Honors College.

The Honors College cannot pay for the typing or copying of a thesis or project paper, for photo duplication, or for purchasing books, periodicals, food or food supplies, meals or routine supplies (e.g., computer or printer ribbons, computer or typing paper, notebooks, etc.).

Applying for a Grant

To apply for a senior thesis/project grant a student will need to submit Senior Thesis Grant Application and an itemized budget proposal with a written proposal explaining the thesis or project the you intends to pursue. When writing the itemized budget, it is to the applicant’s advantage to give a brief explanation of why he or she needs the items in the budget. It is also helpful to include an itemized account of what has already spent for the thesis or project.

The Honors College will not accept any late applications; the application deadline for Fall 2014 is September 02, 2014 at 12 noon. If a student has any additional questions, he or she may contact Dr. Pearl Fernandes. Grant proposals should be turned into the Student Services office in Harper Room 120.

Funding Conditions

The following conditions apply to those students accepting senior thesis grants:

  1. Students who do group theses/projects should carefully consider the group membership. If SCHC students do group theses/projects with non-Honors students and submit applications for the Senior Thesis Grant, only the Honors students' portions of the theses/projects will be funded if the application is approved.

  2. For students who have received funding through the Senior Thesis Grant during a previous semester, an explanation of why additional funding is needed will be required in order for subsequent requests to be considered. Regardless of how often a student requests funding, no student may receive more than the maximum amount that the Honors College awards to its students for the SCHC Senior Thesis Grant.

  3. Students using animals in their thesis/projects must get approval from IACUC or be listed on an approved IACUA, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee protocol.

  4. Students using human subjects or giving out surveys must get approval from the University Institutional Review Board, IRB, or be listed on an approved protocol.

  5. Any work supported by the Senior Thesis/Project grant subsequently presented or published should cite the support as: "This work was supported in part by a South Carolina Honors College Senior Thesis/Project Grant (include initials of students)."